Jalapeno Mustard (Weber’s Select)

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We went a bit crazy on this one. A fresh tasting, spicy mustard blended with Jalapeno powder and bits of diced Jalapeno for a burst of extra bite. You taste it, it starts out with the flavor of mustard and a minute later you feel the heat build… Great on hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches or to spice up any recipe.

1 review for Jalapeno Mustard (Weber’s Select)

  1. David Z

    This is the BEST mustard EVER!!!! The only problem is that it’s very hard to find. The only place I have found it is at Camillos Sloan Supermarket.

    • WebersMustard

      David Thank-you for your comments. Yes Jalapeno Mustard is difficult to find. You will find it at Sloan, Market in the Square, Budweys, Niagara Produce, Hoelscher Meats, Johnny’s Meats, etc- many smaller independent stores. Top’s unfortunately discontinued it a few years ago due to low volume sales. You can also stop into our walk-in store here at 150 Reading during business hours Mondays-Thursdays 7:30-3:00. Again, Thank-you!!!!

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