Hot Garlic Mustard (Weber’s Select)

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Features the bite that Weber’s is famous for along with the smooth and refreshing taste of garlic. This mustard adds new taste to dipping pretzels, toppings on ham and burgers.

We have found that many consumers are using this to heighten the flavors of their family cooking recipes, even added to barbecue sauce.

1 review for Hot Garlic Mustard (Weber’s Select)

  1. Geoffrey Snyder

    A WHOLE lot of Garlic WITH Horseradish heat! I always use this on my charcoal-grilled hotdogs and hamburgers as the ONLY condiment. It is NOT a squeeze bottle (a good thing, in my book) so when you use a knife or fork to apply this great mustard to your food, you will be able to clearly SMELL the Horseradish, and also SEE the chopped Garlic pieces that dress your food up properly. All the elements are here, for good health. Just don’t try to steal a kiss from your sweetheart, afterwards, if she doesn’t like “Garlic breath” #1 Mustard, in my book.

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