History of Heintz & Weber Co., Inc.

Heintz & Weber Co., Inc. was founded in 1922 at the Broadway Market by Joseph C. Weber and John Heintz. Heintz, no relation to the HJ Heinz Company of Pittsburgh, was bought out in 1926 by Weber, and the company has remained family owned and operated ever since.

In the late 1930’s, Heintz & Weber Co. moved to a four floor manufacturing facility on Louisiana Street in South Buffalo. Known as the “pickle plant” throughout the ’30’s, ’40’s, and ’50’s, Mr. Weber gained notoriety and success supplying more than 300 mom and pop delis throughout Western New York with more than 80 products including 10 varieties of pickles, along with olives, sauerkraut, and even prune butter. But his baby product, Weber’s Brand Horseradish Mustard, became the foundation for his pride and quality. Weber also created the slogan and musical jingle, “A Pickle in the Middle and Weber’s on Top”, a major slogan for Heintz & Weber from the 1920’s to early 2000’s.

Much of the company’s appeal lies in the products’ tradition, classic yellow color and timeless gourmet flavor. Weber’s Brand Horseradish Mustard has been a secret family recipe since its inception, and until 1980, every jar was individually packed and hand labeled. Currently Heintz & Weber Co. ships more than 2,000 cases yearly across America and beyond to former Buffalonians who can’t live without their Weber’s. In recent years, our “cult following” of “classic yellow” specialty mustard lovers have been turning the tradition over to their new friends and neighbors. Now 95 years later, Weber’s Mustard remains the #1 selling mustard in Western New York. Our mail order sales continue sustained rates of 25% or more yearly growth, with 80% of our mail orders shipping to first-time Weber’s Mustard fans.

2012 and 2013 have been transitional years for Heintz & Weber, with a new Weber’s Brand Logo highlighting the company’s longevity along with featuring the entire mustards and relishes product line. Also, a new company jingle being released, “Everything’s Better With Weber’s”, with backing advertising campaign to spur sales growth and introduce Weber’s products to a new customer base, both locally and in new sales territories throughout upstate New York.

In recent reports Weber’s Horseradish Mustard is ranked the #1 selling mustard in the Buffalo region, #3 in Buffalo-Rochester, #13 in the Northeastern United States, and #31 in the continental United States.


Mr. Weber left control of the company to his granddaughters, Suzanne and Laura Weimer, at the time of his passing in 1984. In early1997 Suzanne and her husband Steven Desmond took control of the day-to-day operations. Laura Weimer Perino remained the majority co-owner and a member of the Board of Directors, as her career path led her to Western Ohio making it difficult for her to be involved with everyday company operations. The new management promised they would continue the small company traditions, appeal, and personality that has made Weber’s Mustard #1, while striving to build solid sales regionally and beyond. A new look to each product, new production operations, three new mustards, and a new manufacturing facility in late 2002 have fortified this base promise.

In 2007 Suzanne and Steven Desmond became 100% owners of Heintz & Weber, once again keeping the company locally owned and operated.

A new look to each product, new production operations, two new mustards, and a new manufacturing facility in late 2002 have all fortified this base and promise to continue this tradition well into the next generation.

We continue to seek ways of introducing Weber’s Mustard in new stores and markets throughout the United States, hoping that someday everyone will have ease and opportunity to try WEBER’S Brand.