So much is happening at Weber’s Mustard Company these days. Suzanne and myself are now in our 24th year in charge of this wonderful ‘small’ company! With our centennial anniversary right around the corner, we are enhancing the look of our image.

Yes Red & Yellow!!! Two colors that we’ve grown accustomed to enjoying around here at Weber’s Mustard.

We’ve added the new “Weber’s Mustard Mobile”- a delivery van all decked out with our proud history. The building, which we began the transformation about four years ago, is slowly taken on that bright yellow look, enhanced with red accents. (we joke that ‘the Jetsons’ can even see us from outer space) Our entry foyer will be complete over the next couple months, also in red and yellow, with beautiful photographs and memories gracing its walls. Weber’s Brand “Honey Horseradish Mustard” has returned after a nearly 10 year lapse. Weber’s “Hot Garlic Mustard” has been updated this year to feature a white label to enhance the look of the family of products. Weber’s Francisco Style “Giardinera” now sports a purple label (a color that for years we wanted to use on a product).

There will be one more special surprise coming for our 100th year- but we are not ready to let that out of the bag as yet.

We continue to thank-you for all your continued support throughout the history of this company, by the way, which is still family owned. We look forward to entering the next hundred years with continued traditions and new imagination.